Dry Heat Sterilizer

Dry heat sterilizer are mainly used for sterilizing and dehydrogenizing glass and metal ware including ampoules, injection bottles, infusion bottles and production equipment. This stainless steel dry heat sterilizer use dry heat and are better than the steam sterilizers in the sense that the process does not corrode the machine. The pharma equipment can also be used to sterilize liquids with low moisture content and also for treatment of medicated powders. The process completely destructs all micro-organisms and does not cause any environmental pollution or inconvenience to humans. Constructed with stainless steel S.S. 316 L quantity, the dry heat sterilizer confirms to the GMP standards & temperature uniformity in the entire chamber is guaranteed. The Different cycles of DHS includes Exhaust cycle, pre-sterilization, sterilization, stabilization, cooling, cycles. All these cycles are controlled automatically by PLC operated fully automatic control panel. Graph cum printout is also provided for temp recording & validation at 8 – 16 points.

• Guaranteed Class 100 Sterilization .
• Total cycle time only 4 Hrs.
• Belt Driven Motor for main Blower. This eliminates the frequent problem of Motor getting heated up and frequent replacement of motor bearings.
• Heater Terminals fully copper strip wired to eliminate any particle generation by burning of wires.
• Unique Pressurized locking system for 100% leak proof doors.
• Fully Automatic control panel with memory circuit.
• PLC of Mitsubishi /Allen Bradley make.
• Additional safety Digital Temp Controller as back up for overheating.
• Thyrosterised cum contactor back up control for Heaters.
• Total concealed wiring.
• Eight probes for temperatures at different points with provision to insert additional probes for validation.
• Continuous Generation of Documents for validation for every batch.
• Memory circuits in case of power failure.
• New features as critical temperature & stabilization band to ensure uniform circulation and proper sterilization of every batch.
• Four Different memory options in the PLC for four different programs.
• User name, Code No, Date, Real time ,Set parameters etc. available in each and every batch printed
• Rapid cooling system for faster cooling.
• User friendly functions with pass word locking to avoid any misuse.

AVAILABLE CAPACITIES : 50 ltrs. to 5,000 ltrs.

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