Fluid Bed Dryer

We offer Fluid Bed Dryers that contains no moving part inside the drying chamber where the different operations take place for the drying of the material. These machines incorporate phenomenon of fluidisation, for production of full agitation of solid particles by hot and uniform air. The salt is fluidized; each particle meets the hot air, discharges moisture and dries at the same time traveling forward without any mechanical push.
• Tri level filtration using: 20 micron for Pre Air filtration 5 micron for Secondary Air filtration 0.3 micron for Final Air filtration through HEPA
• Air Dehumidification on special demand.
• Inlet / Outlet dampers have proportional control valve.
• Proportional control temp controller.
• Inlet / Exhaust Location: Several alternatives to suit customer requirements.
• Wash in place
• Control: By PLC monitor with printer as optional.
• Specially designed explosion flaps.
• Intrinsically safe system of earthling with low voltage.
• Steam radiator In SS to SS construction.
• Inflatable Silicon Seals used in the system.
• 2 Pneumatic Cylinders 1 for the Bag Up and Down movement and the other for Impact Bag Shaking..
• Complete SS 304 Ducting for Air Exhaust.
• Specially designed Broken Bag Detector.
• Double skinned SS 304 AHU with a built in Face and By Pass.
• Specially designed anti-static and anti-sparking blower.
• High static high efficiency blower installed.
• Completely Tool less AHU.
• Strategically mounted observation windows provided for viewing drying operation.
• Flush Sampling port provided for extracting small quantities of coated product during operations.

• Capacity available from 2.5 kgs. to 300 kgs.

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