i Press IV – High Speed Rotary Tablet Press (cGMP)


• In Compliance with cGMP Guidelines

• Turret of SG IRON 500/7 Graded Casting

• High Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press with Pre-Compression Facility

• Maximum Output up to 540000 tablets per hour (for 75 Station)

• Easy Accessibility for Quick Cleaning and Product Conversion

• Improved Tablet Quality; Handles Difficult Products Easily due to Pre-Compression Facility

• Precise Weight Control

• Ensures Hygienic Production Conditions and Operator Safety

• All Tablet Parameters can be fine-tuned during operations from outside the tableting zone

• Force Feeding System

• Hydraulic Power-Pack System

• Auto Lubrication system

• Upper punch penetration system

• Safety interlocking for upper guards

• Front and Easy Outside Controls for machine and tablet parameters

• Three Piece Turret with Stainless Steel 316 L die-plate

Optional Features :

• Tablet Rejection on Machine Startup and Stop and random sampling device

• Powder Level Sensors at Feed Hopper

• Tight Punch Detection (Upper Punch)

• PLC-MMI Control system with Touch Screen display

• Gravity Feeding System

• Bi-layer tablet facility

• Tablet Sampling

* Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.
Note : Due to continuous improvements in the machineries, specification of the machineries is subject to change without any prior notice.

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